Mode of Operation

It is pertinent to inform our esteem vendor and shoppers that due to the ravaging pandemic lockdown, customers are advice to patronise store base on either proximity or vendors providing alternative delivery method which can only be provided by such vendor .

On this note, we suggest that customers:

  1. Walk in to pick u shopped items.
  2. Contact vendors to know the possibly delivery package available for their products.



  • Customers and their Order

    After the verification of your account, you can proceed to list your product on your store. Your dashboard will show every purchase made by your customers on your shop homepage and their contact details

    As such, every vendor is encourage to reach out their customers through the information they  supplied while shopping. This is to ensure quick pickup and hitch free delivery.

    Vendor that has its own delivery agent can negotiate with their customer.


  • Charges and Commission

    CHOOPS charges rate and commission varies in term of the following categories:

    a.10-15% on every successful purchase from store

    1. 5-10% on every coupon purchased


  • Security

    The security of our customers and vendors is our primary goal, we assure our customers a secured shopping experience.



    All verified vendors/merchants can call for the withdrawal of their sales anytime from their wallet on choops, which will be processed to their local bank account within 2 working days. This is to ensure adequate sorting and verification of real stores owner to ensure customers get the items purchased from each store before crediting or refund as the case may be.



    We assure 100% customer’s refund. But we advice that customers connect with the store owner within 24 hours of purchase which is a likely way of getting the item shopped through our call help line or the contact details on the vendor’s store

    However, such complain must be sent through our help line or mail on our website after 25 hours but less 46 hours of purchase.

    Furthermore, we implore our customers to contact vendor through their store profile contact.


    Note: No complain shall be treated at or after 46 hours of such purchase.



    Vendors Vs Merchants

    Vendors are individual or food entrepreneur that which to list their store on www.choopscom.ng for sales free of charge.

    Merchants are individuals without physical stores but can list certain food item on the store and can supply food items listed on it when customers demanded for it.



    The coupon code is used as a means of payment or exchange of goods and services between vendors and customer. A primary customer can buy any unit of this coupon and transfer to a third party to use as a means of payment for any items of equal value of coupon purchased on any shop on www.choops.com.ng.

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