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According to Food amd Agriculture Organization (FAO), Agriculture and the food industry is expected to worth $1 Trillion by 2030, still Africa spends over $30 billion on food importation caused by 50% waste of the total food production which can feed 300 million people majorly caused by access to quality and affordable food. It was even published that Africa can produce more than what she can consume in term of foods.

Our focus is this, if the food industry is estimated to be $1 Trillion dollar by 2030 and 50% of the total food production is loss, then how do we help the food supply chain convert these excessive loss to revenue? Think about it.

CHOOPS is redefining the food and drink industry by combating food insecurity in terms of making food and drinks affordable for every home, making it available and reducing uncontrolled excessive food waste through helping food entrepreneur in the food supplies chain who are currently sitting on large supplies of perishable produce that was at risk of spoiling and worried about whom and where to sell to, to a profitable market

Why Collaborate With Us

  1.  Ease the volume of perishable supplies produce that is at risk of spoiling by getting to sell to the customers or market
  2. discover new market opportunity to sell to.
  3. Increase your business visibility online and expand your customer base
  4. Register as a vendor or merchant with no capital for business setup
  5. Enjoy unlimited sales
  6. Accept order without stress
  7. Convenient withdrawals of funds.
  8. Free store setup

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